Maintenance of mud pump

Many customers have inadequate systems for the maintenance and management of mud pumps.
So how can we scientifically maintain the mud pump?
In fact, during the operation of the mud pump,

Timely attention should be paid to the following issues:

1. Whether the bearing of the mud pump can run normally;

2. Whether the pump body of the mud pump has vibration;

3, whether the mud pump body leakage.

There are only two aspects to check whether the bearing is normal: one oil temperature, not more than 60℃; the second sound, whether there is a strange sound; generally there will be abnormal sound when there is a damaged part.

Vibration, usually pay more attention to observe, see a vibration will know where the problem, in order to get a timely solution.
The reason is usually the vibration of the mud pump: the wrong installation of the center pump and the motor;
Impeller or motor foot loose or not solid;
The bearing is not tight enough and the rotor mass is not balanced.

The seal of the mud pump should be moderately tight, not too loose, of course not too tight, the filler should be able to drip a little, so that we can drain the heat.
The packing used for sealing should be changed regularly, otherwise it will not be possible to have a sealing effect after it has hardened.

In addition, mud pump head, gearbox, clutch, including cylinder, connecting rod and other parts, need to strengthen management.
Learn to listen to the tone change, save trouble easier to judge the fault.