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What is the pump?

One, what is the pump?
Pump is conveying liquid or causes the liquid turbo-charged machinery.It transmits the mechanical energy or other external energy transmitted to the liquid, causes the liquid energy increase.
Pumps are mainly used for conveying water, oil, the sour lye, the emulsion, hangs the emulsion and the liquid metal, such as liquid, also may transport the liquid, the mixture of gas and liquid containing suspended solids.

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How to choose oil pump?


How to choose oil pump?
1: liquid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, physical properties with temperature c d density, viscosity, u, solid particle diameter and gas content in the medium, etc., which involves the system pressure, the dynamic calculation and appropriate pump type: chemical properties, mainly refers to the chemical corrosion resistance and toxicity of liquid medium, is to choose the material selection and a gear pump shaft seal type of important basis.

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Oil Pump Types


Gear oil pump types:
1,KCB gear oil pump
KCB gear oil pump scope of application: suitable for conveying containing no solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, temperature is not higher than 150 ℃, the viscosity of 5 to 1500 CST lubricating oil or other liquid properties similar to lubricating oil.

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