Stainless Steel Gear Pump

Stainless steel gear pump is a new type of pump, it is a wide range of applications, is a multi-functional products. It can deliver a variety of different media, including water or industrial fluids, for different temperatures, flow and pressure ranges. The following let Xiaobian to work with you to understand the Stainless steel gear pump profile it.
Typical applications include the following:
Water supply: water plant filtration, transportation and district water supply and charge pressurization;
Industrial pressurization: process water system, cleaning system;
Industrial liquid transport: boiler feed water, condensing system, cooling and air conditioning systems, machine tools, acid and alkali transport;
Water treatment: distillation system or separator, swimming pool, etc .;
Farmland irrigation, petrochemical, medicine and health.
Stainless steel gear pump – installation conditions:
Stainless steel gear pump for the pump shaft directly connected by the pump, pump shaft and the standard motor:
1) The pump should be installed in a ventilated and frost-free place;
2) The pump is installed to ensure that the pump is not affected by the tension of the system piping when in use;
3) If the pump is installed outdoors, a suitable cover must be configured to prevent the electrical components from entering or condensing;
4) In order to facilitate the inspection and maintenance, in the unit should be left around enough space;
5) electrical wiring device should ensure that the pump from the lack of phase, voltage instability, leakage and overload damage;
6) The pump should be installed horizontally on the base, the horizontal direction is the suction port of the pump, and the vertical direction is the pump discharge port.
Stainless steel gear pump – Operating conditions:
Clean, thin, non-flammable and explosive does not contain solid particles and fiber liquid;
A liquid having a temperature between -20 ° C and + 100 ° C;
Ambient temperature up to + 40 ℃;
The highest elevation of 1000 meters;
The system has a maximum pressure of 10 bar.

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