How to use gear oil pump installed correctly?

Gear oil pump in the installation and use process should pay attention to details and method, summed up has the following seven:

1. Tighten bolts contrate gear pump, gear pump the strength should be symmetrical homogeneous, tight and disc rotor.If encounter unsmooth, gear pump should be loose bolts to tight;

2. Electric pump drive shaft and the elastic coupling is used to connect the motor shaft;

3. The gear oil pump drive shaft can’t bear any radial vertical force, belt, chain, gear drive mode is prohibited to use such as lateral;

4. The bottom strength is enough, don’t too long, the bottom of the pump a soft, cause of the motor and pump, and the damage to the pump;

5. Make sure pump allows the highest speed. And the maximum speed;

6. Be sure to let the fluid into the entrance, try not to turn dry and idle;

7. Don’t pick up the import and export the gear pump. Pump caused by material.