Heat gear oil pumps

Heat gear oil pumps failure and failure form of the several types of analysis

Symptoms: the vacuum pump to join operation system is not rise, nor decline.

1 pump, pump 2, level 3 of the pump nozzle reach people suction chamber is deeper, so between steam tubes and nozzles have a trachea.Between the nozzle and send airway commonly used seal rubber asbestos pad.When the seal is breakdown after steam, the steam will pass clearance into the suction chamber, become an additional gas source, affect the vacuum.

Symptoms: when the pump to run after, vacuum degree rather than rise.Instead of falling.

Level 1 pump suction indoor send airway due to wall thickness is not enough, the steam pressure will send tracheal brace crack, a lot of steam by sending tracheal rupture into the mixing chamber, vacuum system.Level 2 and level 3 pump suction chamber carried tracheal rupture in addition to the above factors, there is another possibility: mooring tai state is due to the former level of heat pump in the high-speed airflow furnace gas particle entrainment, impact the pump for a long time to send the trachea, make the wall thinning, strength reduction, cause rupture, a large number of steam escaping, destroy the vacuum degree of the system.

Symptoms: when the gear pump to run after, vacuum instead, but fell sharply.

Level 1 pumps, level 2 and level 3 is zigzag layout.Have transition elbow connection between pump and pump, level 3 has transitional elbow connection between pump and the main condenser, the elbow after furnace gas particles for a long time after shock, impact of the steel plate thickness will gradually thinning, finally is punctured, the atmosphere by the puncture site into the vacuum system, thus affecting vacuum system.

Symptoms: when the system vacuum hovering between 266-399 pa, and all other external leakage were excluded from the case, should be focusing on these areas.

In the same vertical level 4 pumps, level 5 and 6 pump has the above situation, should check the transition between the pump and condenser mainly elbow.

Furnace gas in high temperature extraction process of the gear pump, the first level 1 pump suction chamber into the pump body, then the level 2 and level 3 pump into the main condenser.But some of the particles in furnace gas can deposit at level 2 and level 3 pump suction people indoors, including to level 3 pumped indoor furnace gas particle accumulation is most serious, these particles under the action of high temperature steam baking, will become very high hardness of deposits, blocking pump gas channel, make the pump suction ability.Therefore, level 2 and level 3 pump suction chamber need soot cleaning on a regular basis.Botou haina pump manufacturing co., LTD

Symptoms: extraction to 67 pa time increases obviously.

Level 2 and level 3 pump diffuser are deposited within.When the diffuser inside the dust reaches a certain thickness, will change the axis, the diffuser nozzle at this time of high speed steam can produce a turbulent flow inside the diffuser phenomenon, resulting in significantly lower operating characteristics of pump, the influence on the performance of the pump suction.

Symptoms: the level after joining work can achieve just when production can reach the vacuum degree of vacuum and compare, have significantly lower.