Air diaphragm pump operation

Air diaphragm pump operation procedures
1 materials, ADD Air diaphragm pump its temperature should be < 100 ℃, to protect the normal use of the diaphragm.
2, Air diaphragm pump before driving after check system is in good condition, then use the pump head is full of liquid material to be delivered, so that the material liquid can flow into the pump.
3, connected to the power supply, and then make the gear motor start the drag, then adjust the slip clutch control device fine-tune knob, to rotate the crankshaft.
4, remove the valve cover, by hand press oil compensating valve core top several times, remove hydraulic chamber air, until no air bubbles appear, right now is filled with hydraulic oil hydraulic cavity, can begin to work normally.
5, Air diaphragm pump control valve pressure when using best agree with nozzle pressure, not form there is too much pressure in front of the diaphragm.
6, Air diaphragm pump in use should be regularly check temperature of feed pump, the pump material liquid pressure, pump running status.
7, Air diaphragm pump stop first will slip clutch control device for the screw to the ‘0’, stop rotation of the crankshaft.
8, Air diaphragm pump, such as stopping time is too long, you have the remaining part of the pump head liquid, in case of ball valve will be in and out of the mouth block and rust.
9, Air diaphragm pump generally use 40 # engine oil, oil change should be original oil clean.
10, often maintain the cleanness of Air diaphragm pump, good insulation, and motor to run, the beijing-kowloon railway, accident, maintenance records, etc.