what is chemical centrifugal pump

1, what is chemical centrifugal pump?
Answer: it is through the impeller impeller liquid flows by the effect of centrifugal force, improve the mechanical energy of the liquid, thus for liquid transportation, it is an increase of liquid energy machine.

What is the distinguishing feature of 2, chemical centrifugal pump?
Answer: 1) can meet the need of chemical process;2) corrosion resistance;3) high temperature resistant, low temperature;4) resistance to abrasion, erosion,5) reliable operation;6) without leakage or less leakage;7) can be critical state of liquid.

3 according to the working principle, structure, chemical pump is divided into which a few kinds?
Answer: according to the principle of work can be divided into: gear pump, the volume and other forms of pump: the use of electromagnetic transmission liquid conductivity posture of electromagnetic pump;The use of fluid energy to transport liquid pump, such as jet pump, air lift device, etc.

4, the working principle of centrifugal pump is what?
A: drive the impeller rotation, the blade drive make fluid in the impeller rotating together, make the fluid produces centrifugal force, the centrifugal force, under the action of fluid along the blade passage is flung to the impeller outlet and the diffuser and volute to the outlet pipe.When the impeller rotation, the fluid is continuously by suction and discharge of the centrifugal pump continuous work.

5, the advantages of a centrifugal pump?
Answer: 1) single output flow and continuous, no pulse, smooth operation;
2) the appearance of pump small size, light weight, covers an area of less, capital investment;
3) device has simple structure, less wearing parts, cloud ZhuangZhou period long, operation and maintenance workload small;
4) good regulation performance, reliable operation;
5) inside the pump without lubrication, the fluid conveying lubricating oil pollution.