Centrifugal Oil Pumps Cavitation

Centrifugal oil pumps cavitation

1. Plan a good water pond
Water flow within the pond to secure the average, do not produce vortex and drift, or else the centrifugal oil pump cavitation function bad, is, in the shape and size of the pond water safe average satisfaction will request.Else, to remove the dirt and mud into the pond, real time the flow is smooth, the average flow, but also can fill the horn, with plenty of swallowing depth.

2. Just as certain centrifugal oil pump assembly height
When certain centrifugal oil pump assembly height, should according to the calculation formula for accurate calculation of centrifugal oil pump assembly elevation fitting elevation.

3. But even if the working condition of centrifugal oil pump in the plan next operation
In the centrifugal oil pump is running, can detailed environment on the basis of pumping station, adopt the right eyelid pace centrifugal oil pump of operating condition, to avoid the pump running condition deviating from the plan conditions far away.In a centrifugal pump can be properly cut traffic point move to the left;To deal with the axial flow pump to move point to a (NPsH), value smaller areas.

4. Equipped with suction culvert
Suction culvert should even shorter, and cut down the pipeline fittings of don’t want to, appropriate increase diameter, and to reduce water head loss of pressure pipe road.
For the centrifugal oil pump flow rate and pressure distribution at the entrance of the average, to deal with the horizontal centrifugal pump, centrifugal oil pump inlet level straight before suction culvert length can’t be too short, usually no less than 4 ~ 5 times the diameter of pressure pipe road.Large and medium-sized pumping water flow type, layout and size as to plan, all very funny good hydraulic premise, avoid harmless drift and vortex is generated.

5. Control the sediment content of water
From multiple sediment river water pumping station, because the water sediment concentration is larger, can aggravate the flow components wear and pump suction function better.Is, the more sediment flow must adopt certain steps of sand cut flow of sediment concentration, the product also should choose wear resistance of the pump on the product such as wear-resistant slurry pump.

6. Supply when the entrance of the centrifugal oil pump pressure
To increase pressure of centrifugal oil pump inlet pipe road, for the centrifugal oil pump outlet pipe of water intake pipes road, with the nozzle pressure, increase the cavitation damage.

7. Real-time stop coating and repair
If the centrifugal oil pump flow components is presented denudation, can adopt metal or nonmetal material coating repair denudation area in real time.After coating repair impeller, erosion resistance and abrasion resistance ability will progress greatly, not only prolong the life of the application of the impeller, and improved the effectiveness of the pump.

8. The progress of impeller and flow components outside finish
Centrifugal oil pump machine impeller outer surface layer and the rest of the parts surface finish is higher, the function of the resistance to cavitation, the better, the probability of cavitation.

9. In the cavitation zone
In centrifugal oil pump side to fill the water into the atmosphere, the excessive can reduce the impact of the bubble disillusioned when, and reduce the size of the vacuum degree of cavitation area, thus aggravating the cavitation damage.But into the amount of space to too much, or you will make the centrifugal oil pump suction function bad, adopt this method must be formally.

10. Low centrifugal oil pump rotate speed
Water absorption is proportional to the square of the function parameters and the rotate speed and low speed centrifugal pump, can increase the cavitation damage.
A, the cause of the centrifugal pump to produce cavitation condition, how to happen.
Signs of the centrifugal pump to produce cavitation events caused mainly by the centrifugal oil pump cavitation mechanism and the application premise of assembly resolution.But the centrifugal oil pump cavitation signs the conduction method is the progress of centrifugal oil pump cavitation resistance function, so in the plan and production of centrifugal oil pump should be just even progressive centrifugal oil pump suction function.For centrifugal pump users, should be in the centrifugal oil pump assembly and operation aspects to consider more.