Second botou international pump valve exhibition

Second botou international pump valve, pipeline and water treatment exhibition
China is in the stage of rapid development of a new type of industrialization, it application, urbanization and agricultural modernization.
By 2020, the national water environment quality has been improved to periodically, polluted water is greatly reduced, the safety of drinking water security levels continue to improve, get strict control of groundwater, groundwater pollution is increasing trend got preliminary control.
At present, in hubei province are to carry out the “sponge city” construction and implementation of “four water rightist” in botou city, build waterfront ecological green city, the province has been the major cities like botou, yichang, xiangyang, jingzhou has lead the “sponge city” construction projects, is expected in the next five years, in hubei province “sponge city” construction projects around the total investment will exceed one hundred billion yuan, only botou city “sponge” pilot will invest nearly 20 billion yuan.
Water treatment equipment selection is particularly important, therefore, including pipe network transformation, the waterworks water purification, pollution treatment plant upgrading, lakes, secondary water supply management, water saving will have significant investment.
In order to promote the central water science and technology industry development, strengthen cooperation and exchange between enterprises at home and abroad, sponsored by guangdong hongxing international exhibition group co., LTD of “2018 second botou international exhibition pump valve, pipeline and water treatment (WTE) is scheduled for September 7-9, 2018 held in botou international exhibition center, China.
The exhibition is expected to cover an area of 20,000 square meters, covering all industrial chain products of domestic and foreign excellent pump valves, pipes and water treatment enterprises, and displaying advanced water technology and solutions.
WTE2018 will with “wisdom water, water conservancy science and technology” as the theme of sewage treatment, pump valve pipe end, membrane and water treatment, water purification to solve four big plate of municipal, industrial and living sewage treatment needs three plates, central to continue making the show’s most valuable trade exchange platform, help enterprises to exploit emerging markets at home and abroad.
[WTE exhibition review]
2017 botou international water science and technology exposition on September 7-9, 2017 in botou international exhibition center goes well, the first exhibition area of 10000 square meters, gathered domestic and foreign enterprises 113, attracted from the department of water (water), design institute, engineering company, water company, sewage treatment plant and agents, distributors, etc. 3129 professional visitors visit here.
Professional audience including botou, botou, botou municipal water department, shaanxi yulin high-tech zone management group and its subordinate units, gezhouba water, bottled water industry association in hubei province, for second shipping city, old mouth water plant, water company, macheng runquan doctors graduated water company, baoding water company, fishing river water supply company, jingmen water treatment plants, the Chinese heavy industry, dongfeng group, and many other high quality enterprise.
At the same time, the exhibition held “2017 China botou water conservancy and hydropower technology innovation high-end BBS”, with good on-site feedback.
Exposition of the success of the show the central water industry vigorous development good momentum and huge investment demand, as the central water sector development construct platform for information exchange, help enterprises to exploit emerging markets at home and abroad.
[WTE2018 publicity and promotion]
1. Professional Call Center team, annual Call promotion, SMS push and WeChat push.
2. Established cooperative relations with more than 200 professional media and more than 50 comprehensive media in China, and comprehensively reported the exhibition after the exhibition.
3. Direct mail invitation letter: more than 500,000 visitors who have been confirmed to be effective, have decision-making power and influence will receive direct mail invitation letter of the exhibition.
4, electronic flash (EDM) : the exhibition organizers have ten years of experience in exhibition, with a large target buyers database, regularly send EDM, let the dynamic precision of show tickets 500000 target customers.
5, use of social media to expand propaganda: to think in the Internet from mobile channels, enhance the visibility, using weibo, micro letter, QQ group will promote information, such as the comprehensive promotion of new product new technology venture.
6. Active participation in the same type of exhibitions: expand the collection channels for buyers within and outside the province, and issue a large number of visiting tickets.
7. Promotion meeting: 1-3 months before the exhibition, the user promotion meeting will be organized in hubei 8+1 urban circle for the real buyers.
8, organize professional buyers: authority associations, Chambers of commerce and industry bodies such as precision, in central China comprehensive publicity and promotion, the exhibition professional tour hand in hand cooperation and common area.
9, the mass media publicity: hubei television station, People’s Daily, hubei daily, chutian metropolis daily, chutian 27, botou morning post, botou evening news, changjiang daily, China economic news, the south network, ocean network, network, network of chaste tree hunan chu, xinhua news agency, tencent, netease, sina, sohu, satisfied life, etc.
[WTE2018 concurrent activities (planned)]
1. 2018 botou international water and power expo
2. 2018 botou international flood control and drought relief equipment technical summit
3. 2018 botou international irrigation technology development BBS
4. 2018 botou international rural drinking water safety summit
5. 2018 botou international sponge city summit
6. 2018 China’s urban water environment development BBS
7. 2018 botou international water plant automation and water supply equipment exhibition
[WTE2018 is full of professional audiences and buyers’ resources]
1. Users and units of water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, stations, water purification plants, water purification equipment;
2. Industrial water units such as medical treatment, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, oil refining, steel, mining, food, etc.;
3. Water treatment, pump valve, pipeline distribution, agent and supplier;
4, water authority, hydrology resources bureau, municipal engineering, municipal design, public utilities board, lakes, water group, the environmental protection bureau, provincial water resources bureau protection, hydrological monitoring center, health (water quality) supervision;
5. Special class of water conservancy stations, water conservancy projects, water resources development, sponge city leading group, water related association (school), media and others.
[exhibition scope of WTE2018]
Sewage and waste water treatment equipment: grille/screen/water decanter, mixing equipment, solid separation equipment, sand suction machine, mud scraper and suction dredge, oil-water separation equipment, air flotation equipment, electrolytic treatment equipment, aeration equipment, water treatment equipment, aerobic, anaerobic treatment equipment, water quality analysis instruments, water quality monitoring and testing instrument equipment, etc.;
Sludge treatment/material dehydration: complete sets of equipment for blower, centrifuge, filter press, air compressor, dewatering machine, sludge digestion, deep dehydration, sludge reuse, sludge treatment, etc.;
Membrane technology/membrane processing equipment/related supporting products: membrane, membrane components, FRP pressure vessels, filtration and separation equipment, membrane separation related technologies, materials, testing equipment, etc.
Filter equipment/filler/supporting products: filter element/filter material, filter, filler, adsorbent material, activated carbon, ion exchange material, etc.
Water treatment reagents and materials: paper, coagulant, test agent, dispersant, oxidation reduction agents, ion exchange agent, disinfectant, fungicide, adsorbent, dehydrating agent, softener, defoamer, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, detergent, etc.;
Pipe class: all kinds of metal, non-metallic pipe, pipe fittings, pipe, head, reducer, joint, elbow, pipe/cap, pipe laying, pipeline inspection, rectification construction equipment, lifting equipment, related automatic control and remote water supply, etc.;
Pump valves: various metering chemical magnetic drive pumps, process pumps, sewage water pumps;
All kinds of butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, balance valve, relief valve, check valve, ball valve, plunger valve, pneumatic valve, solenoid valve, regulating valve, safety valve, special valve, high pressure valve, the desulfurization butterfly valve, flange, tee, building water supply related water tank, vessel, water meter, etc.;
End water purification/drinking water equipment/accessory products: water purification materials, equipment and apparatus, distilled water, pure water, high pure water manufacturing technology and equipment of water, pure water, mineral water making, filling and sterilization equipment and reagents, home, office, commercial, industrial water purifiers, water softener, water purification equipment and devices;
Domestic/commercial pure water machine, water machine, household water purifiers, water filling equipment, machine, the central water purification machines, water machine, ultrafiltration electrolyte mineral water machine, in-line water machine, water boiler, IC smart card water machine, automatic machine, etc.;
Accessories: booster pump, joint, control valve, flow meter, water meter, pressure tank, computer boards, chassis, pressure switch, regulated power supply transformer, filter, membrane shell, elbow, tee, water distribution device, bibcock, disinfection, sterilization, etc.;