Types and functions of oil pumps

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The oil pump is a light and compact pump, the oil pump to have a power source to operate, its lower camshaft is driven by the engine crankshaft gear.
So there are several types of oil pumps, and what is the role

Hot Oil Pump China

Hot Oil Pump China

1. Oil injection type

Function: the fuel injection pump is mainly used in the automobile diesel engine. Pump and motor link by jaw flexible coupling.The fuel injection pump assembly is usually composed of the fuel injection pump, governor and other components installed together.
The governor is the component that ensures the low speed running of the diesel engine, restricts the high speed of ZUI, and ensures the relationship between the injection volume and the speed.
The fuel injection pump is an important component of diesel engine ZUI, which is regarded as the “heart” part of diesel engine. Once it goes wrong, the whole diesel engine will work out of order.

2. Self-absorption type

Function: Fill the pump housing with water (or there is water in the pump housing) before starting the self-priming oil pump.
After starting, the impeller rotates at high speed to make the water flow in the impeller channel toward the vortex shell. At this time, a vacuum is formed at the inlet, which makes the inlet reverse check door open and the air inside the suction pipe enters the pump and reaches the outer edge through the impeller channel.
Then with the right back water hole flow to the water confluence, flow along the volute.
As the liquid constantly impinges on the cascade in the volute, it is strongly stirred and mixed with the air to form a mixture of air and water, which can’t be separated due to its continuous flow.
The mixture is separated by the septum at the outlet of the volute and enters the separation chamber along the stub tube.
In the separation of indoor air is separated, discharged by the outlet pipe, and the water is still flowing through the left and right backwater holes flow to the outer edge of the impeller, and mixed with the suction pipe air.
Such repeated circulation, gradually will be inhaled in the pipeline air exhaust, water into the pump, the completion of the self-priming process.

3. Oil type

The axial and radial of oil type oil pump are designed with automatic clearance compensation mechanism, which has the function of automatic clearance compensation. After the wear of each part, it is durable and keeps the high vacuum degree unchanged.
Unique design structure, even if the reverse direction of rotation, will not damage the parts;
Even if it is not used for a long time, it can be started as usual flexibly if it is enabled again.
The pumping flow can be as small as 1 l/min to 50 l/min;
Suction from 2m to over 9m;
The head can reach 20 meters.