Double suction and Multistage centrifugal pump

Double suction centrifugal pump

It is a double suction centrifugal pump from both sides of the impeller, because the pump cover and pump body are assembled using horizontal joints, also known as the horizontal open centrifugal pump.
Compared with single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump, it has high efficiency, large flow and high head.
But the volume is large, more bulky, generally used for fixed operations.
It is suitable for hilly and plateau irrigated areas with medium area, and also for factories, mines and urban water supply and drainage.
The double-suction centrifugal pump has several models of S-type, Sh type, SA type and SLA type. The difference between S-type and Sh type is that from the driving end, the S-type pump rotates clockwise while the Sh type rotates counterclockwise.
SLB type is vertical removable double suction pump.
Type S pump performance range flow 160 ~ 18000 cubic meters/hour, head 12 ~ 125 meters, inlet diameter 150 ~ 1400 mm, rotation speed 2950, 1450, 970, 730, 585, 485, 360 RPM.


Multistage centrifugal pump

Multistage pump and single stage pump, the difference is that the multistage pump has more than two impeller, can be divided into several levels of water absorption and pressure water, so that the water to a very high position, lift can be increased or reduced according to the needs of the pump impeller series.
Multistage pump is mainly used for mine drainage, urban and factory water supply, agricultural irrigation is rarely used, only suitable for high lift, small flow of high mountain areas to solve the drinking water difficulties.
There are two types of multistage high core pump, vertical and horizontal, the main models are D type, DL type multistage centrifugal pump, DW, DWL type small multistage centrifugal pump.


(1) Type D multistage pump performance range flow rate 6.3 ~ 720 m3 / h, head 16 ~ 600 meters, inlet diameters: 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200 mm, 50 ~ 125 mm pump for high speed 2950 RPM, 150 ~ 200 mm pump for 1480 RPM.


(2) Structure type D multistage centrifugal pump is horizontal multistage (2 ~ 12 stages), the impeller is single suction, the pump body is segmented.
When the head impeller is double-suction, it is denoted by DS. When two speeds are stipulated at the same time, the low speed is denoted by DA. It is used for multistage centrifugal pump for boiler feed water and denoted by DG.